3 Ways to Get Conscious Home Design Working for You:

Talor Stewart, Architect

Conscious Home Design Author, Workshop Creator and Instructor

Hello! Nice to meet you!

I’ve been helping people all over the world improve their lives by improving their homes for more than 25 years. Let's create the best home of your life within a style, size, and value that meets your goals. I’m the author of the #1 best selling book, Conscious Home Design, and I've taken the principles of the book and grown them into a home study course that you can apply to your own home design project. I can also help you one on one if you want a full service experience.

“This is very deep, very profound. I really had to look into myself. This is good, good work. It is amazing!”

Dr. Rosio Guerra, MD and Navy Captain

“I really love this! I was surprised and delighted to discover Talor's "inside out" approach to home design. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to enhance their lives through improving their home environment!”

Dr. Roy Vongtama, MD and Hollywood Actor

“Conscious Home Design helps our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Talor has an excellent method to achieve this. His ideas make the home come alive!”

Dr. Sunil Arora, MD and Business Owner

Any style home can be created using Conscious Home Design

Conscious Home Design is about increasing function and flow, and improving quality of life

A well balanced home is about more than just shelter...

Conscious Home Design Works With These 9 Essential Activity Spaces in Your Home:

The Hierarchy of Human Needs Pyramid by Maslow and Conscious Home Design

A house is shelter - a home is a place to grow

Before the 21st century, houses were built primarily for basic human needs, assuming the higher needs of love, creative expression, and the pursuit of happiness are largely outside the scope of architecture. Today, we understand how deeply impactful our homes can be and how the mind body connection is extended to our environment. By using Conscious Home Design, we effectively "life hack" our way to brighter future by putting one of the most powerful factors of influence to work for us: our home.

The Butterfly Effect and Conscious Home Design

Even 2% shifts can double your benefit

Every investor understands the power of compounding interest: the difference between a 5% and 7% return actually doubles your results in time. These same 2% shifts can also play a powerful effect in our home and personal life. When your home is intentionally designed around your lifestyle to increase flow and reduce friction, your environment helps you stay on target with your goals - day after day, night after night, 24/7/365 year after year, saving you energy and supporting you in your efforts to succeed. It's both art and science.

Four common life stages and Conscious Home Design

Housing requirements vary and evolve in life

Whether are upsizing or downsizing, planning a family or looking to comfortably age in place, designing a size appropriate, easy-to-maintain home that enhances our lifestyle is what Conscious Home Design is all about at the most basic level. At the highest goal, Conscious Home Design is about helping every member of the household grow to their greatest potential, whatever that looks like and means to the individual. Your unique genius - your unique home.

Here's what you'll find in the Conscious Home Design Online Workshop:

7 Sessions (average 1 hour) you can complete at your own pace. Short videos guide you through easy worksheets and powerful exercises. It's fun, thoughtful, and something you can do individually or with the entire family.

  1. 1
    • [WATCH] Introduction

    • [WATCH] Why Do I Want to Renovate or Build? Does My Vision Fit My Life?

    • [TASK] Community Sharing Exercise

  2. 2
    • [WATCH] Understanding the 3 Relationships that are Essential to Your Ideal Home

    • [TASK] Community Sharing Exercise

  3. 3
    • [WATCH] Understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs... as it Relates to Your Home Design!

    • [TASK] Community Sharing Exercise

  4. 4
    • [WATCH] Getting in the Zone: The Nine Essential Spaces and How it All Works Together

    • [TASK] Community Sharing Exercise

  5. 5
    • [WATCH] Your Wish List: Matching What You Want

    • [WATCH] Heart of the Home

    • [WATCH] Dining Room

    • [WATCH] Kitchen

    • [WATCH] Bedroom

    • [WATCH] Bathroom

    • [WATCH] Entry Space

    • [WATCH] Outer Development

    • [WATCH] Inner Development

    • [WATCH] Creative Space

    • [TASK] Community Sharing Exercise

  6. 6
    • [WATCH] Can I Afford My Wishlist? Budgeting for Your Conscious Home

    • [TASK] Community Sharing Exercise

  7. 7
    • [WATCH] Bringing the Vision to Life: Creating Your Conscious Home

    • [WATCH] Wrapping Up The Next Steps

    • [TASK] Community Sharing Exercise

  8. 8
    • [DOWNLOAD] Conscious Home Design E-book

    • [WATCH] The Sunny Window Effect

    • [DOWNLOAD] Finding the Right Professional to help you with your project

    • [WATCH] How to Invite and Evaluate Bids from Contractors Part 1 [Inviting]

    • [WATCH] How to Invite and Evaluate Bids from Contractors Part 2 [Evaluating]

    • [WATCH] The Contractor Discount Script

    • [TO-DO] Expert Perspective Plan Review

Bonus material included with the workshop:

(Serious time saving and money saving stuff here)

  • Finding the Right Professional

    Whether you’re in the market for a contractor, a realtor, an architect, or other home industry professional, this resource will help you find and filter the right expert for the job.

  • How to Invite and Evaluate Bids

    Now that you’re ready to start requesting bids for your project, this bonus will demystify the process, including how to ask for bids AND what to look for on the bids you receive.

  • The Contractor Discount Script

    Use this script to save thousands, even tens of thousands or more, when negotiating with your contractor. I give you the exact words to say, email, or text to get the absolute best price for your project.

Upon Completion of the Workshop.....

You will be "light years" ahead of the average person who walks through the door of any designer or builder, because you'll have your own Conscious Home design parameters in hand, ready to be incorporated into floor plans. The time, energy, and money you'll save by "doing it right the first time" is immeasurable. With Conscious Home Design, you're on the fast track to your own personal "happily ever after."

  • Understand how to Evaluate design choices and select the ones that truly serve you and let go of those that ultimately won't be helpful. There is so much "shiny" design out there that it can be hard to choose. You'll have your own personal roadmap of what works YOU, so you can quickly evaluate what works and what doesn't. Conscious Home Design is both an art and a science, and you'll know exactly why and how it can work for you

  • Move forward Confidently with your project because you know the design you choose is well planned and dedicated to the unique lifestyle goals you envision for your future. This helps save time on your project schedule. I've seen people waste months (even years) stuck in indecision on how to move forward. The CHD workshop can help you avoid a feeling of limbo and keep moving forward with your home and life

  • Gain the Clarity you'll need to have productive conversations with any designer, architect, builder or developer to ensure the home you get is something that truly works for you. This helps ensure your construction dollars are well invested in what matters most to you

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can Conscious Home Design be applied to ANY style of home?

    Yes! Whether you’re dreaming of traditional or contemporary, a cottage or a castle, the principles of Conscious Home Design can be applied to virtually any size and style of home.

  • How long is the workshop?

    Once you purchase, you’ll have immediate access. The 7 session workshop can very easily be completed over 7 weeks, or if you have an hour or two per day, you can do the workshop in a week doing a session per day. However, if you’re excited and prefer to complete the entire workshop in a single weekend, you’re welcome to do so. You can take as much time as you want, or go as fast as you want. It’s your choice, you decide the pace that is right for you. Should you want to revisit anything, you’ll have lifetime access to your workshop materials.

  • Is this a design and drafting workshop? Do I need to draw anything or learn computer software?

    Not at all. The Conscious Home Design Workshop is not intended to teach you to be an architect or draftsman, and it is not about creating "blueprints". The CHD Workshop is entirely dedicated to generating crystal clarity the around the flow and features you'll want for a home to truly serve your family's needs, by diving deep into the unique personalities and lifestyle goals, habits, and hobbies of everyone you love and live with. There are no special skills or design experience needed. Come as you are.

  • Is Talor available to help me prepare blueprints for my project after I do the visioning process in the workshop?

    Yes, Talor offers full service architecture plans and construction administration to clients far and wide. Once you’ve completed the workshop and done the vital work that includes getting clear on what you want and need for your perfect home, please reach out for more information.

  • Do I have to hire Talor to develop the plans for my project?

    No! You can take what you've done in the workshop to ANY architect, designer, contractor/builder, even real estate broker to help you buy, renovate, or build your new dream home. You'll be light years ahead of the average client to walk through their door, drastically increasing not only your confidence in getting the home you really want and deserve, but also saving valuable time because you won't be starting from square one. You won't have to waste time looking at designs and floor plans that don't fit - you and your professional of choice will already know exactly what you're looking to create, and with that laser focus, you'll jump right into the fast line from day one.

  • At the end of the workshop, what will I walk away with?

    At the end of Conscious Home Design, you will have that elusive, can’t-come-from-anywhere-else clarity on the home features that are best suited to you, which will put you lightyears ahead of the general public when it comes time to speak with architects and contractors. Since you’ll be so engaged in and well-educated on the process, you’ll also be in a much better position to save time, money, and precious mental energy while getting an end result you’ll genuinely love.

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